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Where to start about us?  Back in 2005, a friend from work recommended that I take a vacation to Thailand. He had been running a charity in Thailand for a couple of years at that time rescuing children who were being trafficked. 

Due to his charity work he had been traversing between Australia and Thailand on quite a regular basis and while back in Australia he would share his experiences of Thailand with me.  

I personally didn't know much about Thailand at that period except that it was located north of Australia and that it was a popular holiday destination due to its hot climate, friendly people and exotic locations. 

I could never have known back then how much those early conversations regarding Thailand would influence my own life in the future.

Of that first vacation back in 2005:

I instantly fell in love with the warmth of the Thai people and the tasty traditional Thai cuisine.

In late 2009 while on a stopover in Bangkok, while traveling to Oman, my life was about to change forever. 

This is when I first met Bua, my wife to be (see images above and below) .

Bua and I (John) were married in 2011 in a traditional Thai wedding ceremony in Bua's hometown province of Nakhon Si Thammarat, in southern Thailand.  We were blessed to have over 900 guests attend our wedding.  But our story doesn't end there.

In 2012 the same friend who had first introduced me to Thailand had told me about a website he was building regarding fitness and health. 

That got me thinking about my new found connection and passion regarding Thailand. 


What if I could write about my knowledge and experiences regarding Thailand in a way that could influence other people to visit this wonderful country, and have potentially life changing experiences  themselves.  Our goal is to provide the most current information about Thailand and its people, and of course the best places to visit, the most interesting things to do, and the nicest places to stay.  

In 2012, Our Thailand Vacations.Com. was created.

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