Coral Island Phuket Thailand
'Experience True Paradise'

Coral Island Phuket Thailand is in every sense of the word a tropical paradise; being located just 9 kilometres from the southeast coast of the well known tourist destination of Phuket.  Also known as Koh Hae, this island getaway is among a number of small islands located off the coast of Phuket which are well known for their beaches and beautiful coral reefs.  Speaking of beaches, Koh Hae has two of the best Thai beaches you will come across in all of southeast Asia, and these include Banana Beach and Long Beach.  Indeed, this is the destination to visit if you wish to experience what it would be like to live on a remote tropical island.  


While both beaches on Coral Island have lovely powder white coloured sand, it is Long Beach which is approximately 800 metres in length that tends to be the most crowded.  This is the place where the majority of tourists flock to engage in the numerous water activities which are available here.

This beach is also the favorite location for the tour operators to park their boats during the day.  In contrast, the smaller 200 metre Banana Beach is where you should go if you wish to just relax and soak in the natural environment.  Further, the coral and snorkeling is much better here as it has suffered less impact from tour boat operators.        


Despite popular belief, the island is not named after the surrounding coral reefs but after the private company which owns it; being the Coral Island Resort.  However, make no mistake though, these multi-coloured reefs are truly beautiful and the main reason visitors flock to this tiny island getaway.

Hence, diving and snorkeling are very popular activities here.  While the coral off Long Beach has apparently suffered some damage from  the many tour boats that arrive here each day, there is still no shortage of rich aquatic life and stunning coral which you can see and experience close up. 


Water sports are one of the obvious reason that people traverse to this island hence the activities include canoeing, snorkeling, swimming, water skiing, para-sailing, and banana boating.  However, at the eastern end of Long Beach you can also relax and enjoy a traditional Thai massage within an open air pavilion. 

Because the waters here are so clear you can paddle around just a few metres from shore and have marine life swimming by you and even feeding from your hand.   This makes Koh Hae a great place for beginners who wish to learn how to snorkel including children.  

For those visitors who wish to stay here overnight, the Coral Island Resort is the only option available.  This amazing resort is located at the eastern end of the island and comprises some 64 cottages and bungalows.

While both of the beaches on the island have a number of dining options for either lunch and dinner, which range from the basic take away to five star cuisine.  However, for those people wishing to end their day here on a perfect note, nothing beats the ambiance of a candle lit dinner on the beach at night.  

Hence, with two of the best Thailand beaches on its doorstep and a number of fun activities at hand this island is a must see destination for true beach lovers who are visiting Thailand.


The best way to get to Coral Island is by boat from Phuket, Thailand. Travel time from Phuket is approximately fifteen minutes.  You can travel by either ferry, longboat or speedboat and the journey costs about 950 Thai baht per person.  You can catch these boats from either the Chalong Pier or Rawai  Pier on Phuket.

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