Hua Hin Night Market Thailand
'Stimulate Your Senses'

Visiting the Hua Hin Night Market (which is located approximately 200 kilometres south of Bangkok in Thailand), is a must do activity for anyone visiting this lovely town which is a district of the Prachuap Khirri Khan province.  I have visited this market on two separate trips to Hua Hin and absolutely love the atmosphere which it provides visitors. 

Nothing seems to stimulate the senses more than a walk through a bustling Thai market when all your senses are being stimulated.  The sights, smells and sounds that are occurring around you in this crowded shopping precinct tell you that you are experiencing an authentic Thai night market.   


While there are actually a few different night markets in Hua Hin including the Chat Chai and Chatsila markets, the market known simply as the Hua Hin market being discussed here is the best.  This popular night market which is situated in the centre of town stretches from Petchkasem Road to the railway line, so once you come out at night you just need to follow the crowds to get there. 

A small Hua Hin sign located at the entrance lets you know you are definitely at the right place and you can begin to start shopping.

Like all night markets within Thailand the Hua Hin Night Market has a large selection of stalls and shops selling tasty food, consumer goods and a variety of services.


On the subject of food, this is a great place to eat as Thai vendors sell a variety of freshly cooked dishes and snacks from fried chicken with garlic sauce, mussel omelets, pad Thai, curries along with Thai desserts such as sticky rice with mango.

Of course you can also find the local street dessert called “Banana Rotee” which consists of a banana wrapped in crepe/pancake topped with condensed milk.

Apart from the shops, there are also a good selection of  alfresco style restaurants and bars which spill out onto the street and these are a great place for those people who prefer to sit down for a meal or have a drink.

As many people know Thailand is a paradise for seafood lovers and the Hua Hin Night Market continues this tradition with a good selection of the restaurants and vendors selling freshly cooked seafood dishes including: lobster, crabs and prawns served with pad kapow and fried rice. 

One of the things I really love about this market is that it is predominantly frequented by Thai people, so you know that the prices are going to be quite reasonable even before you start bartering over an item.

Apart from the food on offer, there are numerous rows of stalls along the street displaying their consumer products, while also providing other services including traditional Thai massage and finger nail painting.   My wife had her finger nails painted for around $4.

There is also a good selection of artwork, pictures, handicrafts, clothing including T-shirts, hats and caps, souvenirs, leather goods including handbags and belts, DVDs, jewelry and flip flops.     


Hua Hin is located in Prachuap Khirri Khan province.  The best way to travel there is by either train or bus. The State Railway of Thailand offers a number of daily services to provinces within western Thailand.  Trains   depart Bangkok for Prachuap Khiri Khan at the Hualamphong Station. My wife and I traveled to Hua Hin in 2010 by train and took an overnight sleeper carriage for approximately $40.

Buses depart Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal daily and travel to both Prachuap Khirri Khan and Hua Hin.

Once you arrive at Hua Hin , the best way to travel to the Hua Hin Night Market is to either walk or get a taxi depending upon where your hotel is located.  Just ask the reception staff at your hotel for assistance if you are unsure. The market opens between the hours of 6 PM to 11 PM daily, although Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are the busiest.

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