Lamai Beach Koh Samui
'Four Kilometres Of Powder White Sand'

Lamai Beach is located along the southeast coast of Koh Samui in Thailand and is defined by a pristine 4 kilometre stretch of pristine white sand and unique rock formations, which look out over the Gulf of Thailand. 

While it may be smaller and less frequented by tourists than Koh Samui's larger Chaweng Beach (located approximately 10 kilometres to the north), it does offer a more relaxed environment more suitable for families who are vacationing within southern Thailand.


Despite its relaxed atmosphere Lamai doesn't lack in the facilities department having a variety of restaurants, shopping venues, and classy accommodation options (such as Lamai Wanta and the Pavillion) which you come to expect in the tourist hotspots of Thailand. 

Tesco Lotus and the CoCo are two of the more popular supermarkets in the area although there are a number of smaller shops along Lamai Beach Road.    


The best place to swim is along the southern end where the beach is a little wider, and this end of the beach also has a number of shops in close proximity.  The southern end also contains the famous Grandfather and Grandmother rock formations. 

Elephant trekking is also available at Lamai and allows riders to venture off into the surrounding jungle landscape and experience a different side to Koh Samui other than its beaches.   

In contrast, the northern end of the beach (which is surrounded by granite rock formations) is more shallow, meaning you have to walk out from the shore quite a way to find deeper water. 

However, besides swimming, if you are interested in learning how to dive the Bophut Diving School is located along Lamai's Beach Road.  Sailing is also a popular activity that is done along this beach along with swimming and surfing.  At the southern end of the beach you can also find the unusual rock feature known as the Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks (or the Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks) which resemble both the male and female genitalia.


Likewise, for those people seeking a little nightlife, there are a number of bars and pubs such as the Lava Lounge and Swing Bar which offer bright lights, dancing girls, pool tables and loud music. 

The nightlife in Lamai is only second in size and popularity to the nightlife found around  Chaweng Beach, which is located approximately 10 kilometres to the north. 


The best way to travel from Bangkok to Koh Samui is by plane.  Samui International Airport which is privately owned by Bangkok Airways would have to be the most beautiful in southern Thailand.

The best way to travel to Lamai Beach is to take a minibus or taxi from Koh Samui International Airport.  Prices range between 150-400 Thai baht.

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