Patong Beach Phuket
'One Of Thailand's Most Popular Beaches'

Patong Beach is the most popular holiday destination for tourists visiting the island of Phuket in southern Thailand.  Located approximately 35 kilometres south of Phuket International Airport, Patong is well known as the party capital of Asia due to its famous nightlife. 


The area has been highly developed in recent years and is surrounded by an abundance of quality hotels and resorts, shops, restaurants  and a world famous nightlife which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.   I first visited this beach in 2005, after it and with many other Thai beaches had been hit by a tsunami in December of 2004; which caused enormous devastation including the loss of human life.  A decade later and life has returned to normal and there is very little evidence now of the damage and destruction that previously occurred.

However, today despite the often fast and hectic pace at Patong,  the beach itself is still a great space to unwind and enjoy life whether it is the middle of a hot day or late in the afternoon when the sun is going down.  Patong Beach does get crowded which is highlighted by the large number of banana lounges and umbrella's that line the beach and which are for hire.

The beach is defined visually by a 3.5 kilometre crescent shaped stretch of white sand which allows visitors to look out over the Andaman Sea.  

The atmosphere here is always a buzz with a variety of activities.  The  sound of jet-ski's and speed boats pulling para-sail's behind are never to far away neither are the local Thai vendors on the beach offering food,  drink, silks and Thai  massage. 


Sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, beach volleyball and of course swimming are some of the many activities available on Patong Beach.  When Lunch time arrives there is no problem satisfying your hunger as the main Beach Road contains a large variety of cafes and restaurants including KFC and McDonalds.    

In relation to the Phuket climate, and in fact southern Thailand, I would recommend that you visit Patong during the Thai winter or during the months of November to March when temperatures average a cooler 24 C to 32 C.   


If you enjoy a night out on the town then you won't be disappointed as Patong  is the centre of Phuket's famous nightlife. is located close to bars, restaurants and disco's of which many stay open to around 2 AM.  

Soi Bangla and Soi Eric are the main streets where the exotic bars and pubs can be  found where bright neon lights, loud music and dancing girls dominate the landscape.  However, if this isn't your scene then don't worry because there are plenty of restaurants and walking streets along with night time markets that although still being busy, are definitely family friendly.    


Patong Beach is located approximately 35 kilometres south of Phuket International Airport.  If you fly to Phuket International Airport then the best way to travel there is by taxi.  The 45 minute journey will cost you around 600 Thai baht, or $20 US. 

The best way to travel to Phuket is by plane or bus.  Flights from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Phuket's International Airport occur daily with a number of local airlines servicing the island including Nok Air, Air Asia and Thai Airways.

Being an international airport direct flights are available to Phuket  from a number of countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan to name a few.   There are an abundance of taxi's and mini-vans located outside the Phuket airport to transport you to your hotel.   

Buses to Phuket depart Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal daily with the journey taking approximately 13 hours.

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