Chaweng Beach Koh Samui Thailand
'Sometimes Bigger Is Better'

Chaweng Beach located on Koh Samui Thailand is the largest and busiest beach on this world famous island.  Chaweng is better known among tourists for providing an abundance of pristine white sand, plentiful sunshine and turquoise coloured waters along this 7 kilometre stretch of coastline.  These natural features help to explain why Chaweng has gained a reputation as being one of the best Thailand beaches. 

Along the beach, rows of banana lounges and beach umbrella's are provided and these are positioned near the perimeter of the sand where a line of shady palm trees form a natural barrier separating the beach from the adjacent road.  It is along this section of the beach where the majority of beach-goers who aren't interested in the water sports tend to lay and  just enjoy the sun.        


Being the largest of all beaches on Koh Samui you would expect there to be good selection of water activities available and in this respect you will not be disappointed.  You can choose between windsurfing, jet skiing, sailing, para sailing, canoeing, and banana boating.  Don't forget swimming and surfing either.  

However, the downside to all this activity is that this is not a quiet environment suitable for quiet relaxation.  If you are looking for a quiet place along Chaweng Beach you will have to find a spot on the beach which is likely to be quite far from amenities. 

However, the beach is also is flanked by Chaweng Beach Road.   This area is the busiest section of Samui and has a high concentration bars, pubs, restaurants, shops, markets (including the Chaweng Walking Street), hotels, massage shops and internet cafes etc.   

The central area provides the best nightlife on Samui which includes the famous Soi Green Mango district.  Here tourists will find an the usual  assortment of pubs that have big screen TVs and loud music.  This is the area where the budget accommodation is located. 


This part of town also includes popular American fast food chains such as Starbucks, Burger King and McDonalds, along with money changing outlets, souvenir shops, travel agents and motor cycle rentals.   Considering the array of accommodation, restaurants, shops and bars that are associated  with Chaweng it is easy to understand why this area has become so popular.

Twenty years ago this area was almost deserted and was primarily inhabited by a few locals and a handful of fishermen.  Today though, since the large growth in tourism Chaweng has become one of the most popular Thai beaches on Koh Samui.   


The best way to travel from Bangkok to Koh Samui is by plane.  Samui International Airport which is privately owned by Bangkok Airways would have to be the most beautiful airports in Thailand and there are daily flights to this airport.

Chaweng is located just a few minutes from Koh Samui International Airport.  A taxi journey will cost you approximately 400 Thai baht.

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