Dino Park Mini Golf Phuket
'Don't Be Afraid To Play'

The Dino Park Mini Golf theme park and restaurant in southern Thailand, is located between Karon and Kata Beaches in Phuket.   This is a popular destination for families visiting Phuket who are looking for more creative things to do aside from the usual beach activities. 

Indeed Dino Park appears to take its inspiration from both the 1993 science fiction film named Jurassic Park, and the popular animated American TV cartoon series from the 1960s called the Flintstones. Concepts and themes from these two shows are combined with mini golf to create a whole lot of fun and yabba dabba doo (pardon the pun).

The theme park also includes a Flintstones styled restaurant named the Dino Bar which serves Dino burgers and has popular props from the TV show such as Fred Flintstones car. 

Several of the dinosaurs and the company's website clearly indicates that much of the inspiration for this theme park was taken from the 1993 movie Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg.  


The 18 hole golf course which is aimed at both adults and children cleverly includes authentic looking full scale replicas of prehistoric dinosaurs along the way at each hole which makes the park more fun for the kids. 

There are a number of different primeval settings within the lush jungle environment which you pass during your game of golf, and these include a lava cave, a swamp,  a waterfall and there's even an erupting volcano which goes off every 30 minutes. 

Some of the dinosaurs which you encounter along your golf journey include a Brontosaurus, a Triceratops, and a Stegosaurus and many of these replica's can roar. 

Most games take around 40 minutes to complete and its best to play in the late afternoon or evening to escape the heat and to take full advantage of the special effects surrounding the dinosaurs and the volcano.


Dino Park and Mini Golf is located along Karon Road close to Marina Phuket Resort (not far from Karon Beach).  It is only a short taxi trip from basically anywhere around Karon Beach.  Dino Park Mini Golf opens daily between 10 AM and 11 PM.  The cost of entry is 240 Thai baht for adults and 180 Thai baht for children.

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