Khao San Road Bangkok
'A Backpackers Retreat'

Khao San Road (or Thanon Khao San in Thai) is located within the Banglamphu district of Bangkok in central Thailand.  This famous road has been a tourist mecca for budget minded foreign tourists and backpackers for well over 30 years and the trend is continuing.  Due to the popularity of this area, the 1 kilometre stretch of road has been named by some as the backpacker's travel hub of southeast Asia.


This area which is located approximately 1 kilometre north of the Grand Palace has changed significantly since it's early days as a trading post for local farmers wishing to sell their Khaosan ( i.e. raw rice). The name of this rice trade was eventually applied to road where this activity occurred.

These days though, Khao San Road is much better known for it's easy lifestyle and backpacker lodgings which began back in 1982 with its first commercial hotel which was called Bonny.  As the area grew in popularity so did the number of lodgings and tourists then began to flock here from all corners of the globe. 

Now this area is just as well known or its clubbing environment, as the precinct has a number of neon lit bars and clubs including the Macaroni and Lava. This area has become an important place for tourists to meet while sharing dinner and a drink.

In fact, at night Khao San Road's version of Bangkok nightlife comes to life as evidenced by the bright lights and loud music which appear to dominate this one kilometre stretch of road.  Raunchy bars with dancing girls and clubs playing the latest dance music are dotted right along this precinct.  

In addition to the bars and clubs, there are a number of stalls along the road where vendors sell all the usual tourist stuff such as DVDs, jewelery and T-shirts. 


There is also an assortment of other services including massage shops, convenient stores including 7-Eleven, internet cafes, travel agents, budget hotels and hostels, tattoo shops, food stalls, restaurants and night markets which are all crammed into this thriving little precinct.  You will also ind Burger King and McDonald's restaurants here.  


If you are traveling on the BTS Skytrain on the Silom line exit at Saphan Taksin Station (which is the last stop before the Chao Phraya River).

  From the the Sathorn Pier (Central) you will then need to take the express boat to the Phra Arthit Pier. Khaosan Road is only a short walk from here so just follow the other tourists if you don't have a street map.

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