Koh Kradan Thailand
'One Of Trang's Best Kept Secrets'

Koh Kradan is a pristine small hilly Island which is located approximately 10 kilometres off the southeast Thailand coast; with easy access via boat from the province of Trang. 


Located around 850 kilometres from Bangkok, this island remains  largely unknown to most foreign tourists.  Kradan Island with its powder white sandy beaches and tropical landscape (which is vegetated with coconut and rubber trees), is only 240 hectares in size and is incorporated within the 230 square kilometre Hat Chao Mai Marine National Park which was established back in 1981.  Over 90% of the island is protected national park so there is very little infrastructure or development on the island as a result. 

Despite this there are apparently at least two privately owned coconut and rubber tree plantations on the island.

Unlike some of Thailand's larger island's (such as Phuket and Koh Samui) which provide an abundance of land based activities, Kradan Island in contrast is a place where most of the activities available occur off the island within the clear waters of the Andaman Sea.  These activities are primarily scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming. 

Although, after saying this, Koh Kradan is a fabulous destination for people who love to just lie around relax and maybe read a book (see image below) or for day trippers from Trang who come to take advantage of the stunning coral reefs and colorful fish on display.


The real beauty of Kradan Island (apart from being a tropical island) is that unlike other Thai islands this one is almost undeveloped apart from a few small resorts which offer creature comforts such as beach-side villa's and bungalows, a couple of restaurants and bars and some camping or tent sites. 

For example, the Kalume Village which was built in 2009, includes 17 bungalows which resemble traditional fishing huts from the outside.  They come with toilet and shower facilities and fans but no  air-conditioning (see image below).  

Although, other resorts on the island including the Reef Resort and the Seven Sea's Resort offer air-conditioned rooms with a TV and mini bar along with spa and massage facilities and a swimming pool.  

The island does not have any ATM's or medical facilities at present although this may change if the island becomes more developed in the future.

However, as noted Koh Kradan is known for its beaches which have powder white sand and are surrounded by pristine corals reefs.  These beaches include the 2 kilometre Yang Long Beach (which is situated along the northeastern side of the island) and Paradise Beach.  Both of these beaches provide stunning views out over the Andaman Sea, clear waters to swim within and an abundance of sunshine.  With limited guests on the island at any given you will find it  very easy to find your very own secluded piece of beach.

Each year much of Thailand is influenced by its monsoon season as is Kradan Island so the best time to visit the island is between the months of November until April.  During this period the waters are much calmer and the weather conditions in general are more predictable. 


The best  way to travel to Koh Kradan is by boat from the Kuan Tungku Pier or the Pak Meng Pier at Trang .   Boats including ferries leave for Kradan Island between 8.30 AM and 11 AM each day.  Fares average around 450 Thai baht per person. 

The best way to travel to Trang province in southern Thailand is by plane train, or bus.  Trang airport is located approximately 7 kilometres from the town centre and flights occur daily from Bangkok.  A number of airlines fly to Trang including Nok Air and Air Asia.

Trains run between Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Station and the Kan Tang Station inTrang via Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

Daily bus services depart from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal on a regular basis and the journey takes approximately 13 hours. 

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