Krabi Hot Springs And Emerald Pool
'Your Very Own Outdoor Sauna'

The Krabi Hot Springs in Thailand are a naturally formed set of heated steam baths which are situated within a tranquil jungle setting approximately 70 kilometres from Krabi Town, in the Khlong Thom Nuea district.  Krabi is located around 800 kilometres south of Bangkok and the Krabi Hot Springs are a popular tourist attraction. 


These thermal springs which are heated from deep beneath the ground within volcanic chambers, keep the water at a constant temperature of between 35-50 degrees Celsius depending upon the time of year that you visit. 

This constant temperature allows guests to bath in their very own outdoor sauna all year round.   Obviously, you are not allowed to use soap, shampoo etc within the baths so they remain as clean as possible (see image down further).  

The thermally heated water which runs into a series of bath tub shaped hollows which have formed along a section of the Khlong Thom stream (probably as a result of the water cascading down from the mountains and over the waterfall), are located within a pristine jungle environment within the Khao Phra Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary. 

This forested area which is said to be home to rare flora and birds (such as the Rufous-collared Kingfisher) also includes a 2.7 kilometre walking trail called the Thung Tiao Trail which was named after the English wildlife activist Tina Jolfie who sought to have this area of jungle preserved.

These hot springs have been popular among the local Thai population for many years.  Now foreign visitors are also coming  here to soak and relax within the refreshing water which contains  both natural minerals and salts including calcium carbonate which are said to be good for the body.

All you really need to bring is your bathing clothes and a towel and find your very own bath to lie in.  Usually 20 minutes is enough before you will start to feel a little hot so you can jump out for a while and then get back in after you have cooled off a little.  


The springs are actually located about a 20 minute walk from another popular feature known as the Emerald Pool (see image below) which are also located within the Khao Phra Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary. 

This beautiful swimming area which has clear cool spring water (with an emerald color) is a contrast to the heated water of the Krabi Hot Springs. 

Many people choose to combine the two attractions as part of a day tour.  There are well signed walking trails which connect the two locations so it is easy to get around without getting lost. 


The best way to travel to Krabi is by plane or bus.  A number of airlines including Bangkok Air, Thai Airways, and Air Asia have daily flights between Bangkok and Krabi International Airport with flight time being about 1.2 hours. 

Daily bus services to Krabi depart from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal on a regular basis and the journey takes approximately 13 hours. 

The Krabi Hot Springs and Emerald Pool are about a 40 minute drive from Krabi Town at Baan Bang Kram, Baan Bang Tave , Klong Thom district.

The best way to travel there is by taking a bus tour.  These can be arranged in town at any of the tourist shops.  It costs about 290 Thai baht to enter the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve and Krabi Hot Springs but if you do a tour these prices are usually included.

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