Pattaya Crocodile Farm
And Million Years Stone Park

The Pattaya Crocodile Farm and Million Years Stone Park which is situated in eastern Thailand or approximately 165 kilometres from Bangkok.  This unusual fun park is conveniently located just 15 minutes from the Pattaya town centre.  Pattaya is well known as a coastal city which has a popular adults only district centred around the Pattaya Walking Street, while the  Pattaya Beaches have become popular among tourists for decades now. 

However, the Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm has become a welcomed attraction for families seeking an alternative to the usual activities that you tend to find within a beach-side community. 


This fun park is basically a living museum which contains curious and beautiful objects that are either animal, mineral or plant based. Work on the park commenced back in 1989 with the huge 70 acre landscaped site featuring stunning botanical gardens (see image below), water features and large rock formations and a zoo.   

This privately owned attraction was founded by businessman Suan Phanomwattanakul who for many years had a hobby of collecting rare or unusual natural objects such as fossilized trees and rocks.  

Hence, the creation of the Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm is an extension of this hobby and was opened to the public in 1992 allowing generations of people to both study and admire his collections.

However, what makes this attraction unique is that the man made environment also includes large stone arrangements (some weighing over 75 tons), fossilized tree trunks (which are millions of years old), exotic plants (including bonsai), and the largest artificial waterfall in Thailand.

There has been a conscious effort during the construction process to create a landscape which provides the allusion that you are actually stepping back one million years in time (see below); hence the name of the park.

The crocodile farm itself contains a large number of freshwater and saltwater crocodiles which are housed within an enclosure which has been constructed to resemble their natural environment; which also includes a large man made lake.

However, the main attraction here is definitely the crocodile show which is performed almost every hour of the day (i.e. during opening hours).  During the show, both male and female handlers interact with the crocodiles undertaking a series of different feats from feeding them by hand, to actually placing their own heads within the jaws of these dangerous crocodiles.  While I am sure the crocodiles are well fed before the show, there is always an element of risk when handling such dangerous creatures and this all adds to the excitement of the show. 

Apart from the unique crocodile farm there is also a small zoo that that you can walk around and it contains a variety of different animals including horses, deer, emus, zebras, a large black bear, giraffes, elephants, Bengal tigers, camels, a boa snake, birds, a white tiger, miniature horses and a number of other albino animals.

Because the park is so large there is also a three carriage mini train (see image below) to shuttle you around the park along with a number of traditional horse drawn carriages. 

There is also a children's playground within the park for the younger kids to have a play while the adults can sit down and take a break.  Restaurants, food stalls and picnic area's are also provided within the park so you can make your visit a day outing if you wish.    


The Pattaya Crocodile Farm and Million Years Stone Park is located approximately 15 minutes outside of Pattaya town.  The best way to get there is by tour bus or taxi. 

The park is open daily between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM and located at 22/1 Moo 1, Nongplalai, Chonburi 20150, Pattaya City Thailand.  Admission to this attraction is 850 Thai baht for adults.

The best way to travel to Pattaya is by taking an air-conditioned bus from the Bangkok Ekkamai Bus Terminal (or Suvarnabhumi International Airport) as there is no airport located in Pattaya (the nearest is the U-Tapao International Airport which is located in the town of Sattahip which is 45 minutes away).

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