Pattaya Teddy Bear Museum
'Travel Back To Your Childhood'

The Pattaya Teddy Bear Museum (or Teddy Island Pattaya) in Thailand is one of the latest family friendly attractions to be built within this southeastern province; being the largest of its kind in southeast Asia.  This is an attraction that mesmerizes children and takes adults back to their own childhood.    


Pattaya which is located just 100 kilometres southeast of Bangkok has been a popular tourist destination for decades now attracting foreign guests due to the pristine beaches and exciting nightlife, which is characterized by the adult entertainment districts including the Pattaya Walking Street.

However, of late the Pattaya authorities have been working hard to clean up Pattaya's seedy image and attract both Thai and foreign families to the area, so the inclusion of the Pattaya Teddy Bear Museum is a step in the right direction especially for lovers of teddy bears.

The Teddy Bear museum which opened in October 2013, was constructed by a Thai firm called Powerhouse Development Co., Ltd although the business (i.e. the museum) is owned by a Korean company.  These owners have attempted to make the attraction as interesting as possible from the 40 metre long dragon shaped building, to the  inclusion of dinosaurs and Santa Claus teddies along with other fun characters within each of the displays.

The Pattaya Teddy Bear Museum which opens from 9 AM until 10 PM 7 days a week is an interactive attraction (meaning you can touch and hug the teddies, and dig in the sand) that includes over 1,000 stuffed teddy bears.  There are also sounds associated with some of the displays such as a dinosaur roaring within the Dinosaur Zone and the sound of a Jeeps engine starting within the Africa Zone.  

These bears are cleverly displayed within a variety of fun scenarios within an area that is divided into 12 unique zones or kingdoms.


These zones include:

  • The Christmas in the Town of Santa Zone (a display based around Christmas).
  • The Outer Space Zone (pretend that you are walking on the moon with these astronaut inspired teddies).
  • The Fossil Zone (allows you to assist the teddy bears in digging for dinosaur bones in the sand, see picture below).
  • The Dinosaur Zone (takes you back 65 million years when dinosaurs or dino-teddies ruled the earth).
  • The Inca Zone (showcases the architecture of the Inca culture).
  • The Fairy Tale Zone (which is the largest display and takes adults back to their childhood with star wars and other heroes.  You can also join Captain Teddy in one of his dancing shows).
  • The Eskimo Zone (allows you to visit the arctic region which includes a number of igloos).
  • The Africa Zone (lets you pretend that you are on safari surrounded by cheetah and lion teddies, see picture below)
  • The Under Sea Zone (introduces you to a world of colorful fish and whales surrounded by teddies).
  • The European Zone (provides some of Europe's best landscapes and most notable buildings along with a number of dolls houses). 
  • The Chinese Zone (allows you to have your picture taken with a giant reclining panda bear teddy and enjoy the traditional Chinese costumes that are  displayed).
  • The Thailand Zone (includes Thai art and a representation of the popular Songkran water festival).

The great thing about each of these zones is that apart from being quite intricate sets (such as the Inca Zone below) they also provide some excellent opportunities for  visitors to take pictures alongside their favorite props and of course the cuddly teddy bears.  The Africa Zone with its safari painted Jeep is also one of the more popular displays for taking pictures (see picture above).


The Fairy Tale Zone is a great place to relax as there are places for the adults to sit down while there is a replica tree house with a giant slide for the children to climb and play upon.  

There is also a souvenir shop located within the museum to entice both children and adults to purchase a memento to remember their visit. 


The best way to travel to Pattaya is by taking an air-conditioned bus from Bangkok Ekkamai Bus Terminal (or Suvarnabhumi International Airport) as there is no airport located in Pattaya (the nearest is the U-Tapao International Airport which is located in the town of Sattahip which is 45 minutes away).

The Pattaya Teddy Bear Museum is located near the Markland Village mall in north Pattaya along Beach Road.  The official name and address is the Teddy Island Museum, 436/49 Moo 9 Soi 1, Beach Rd, Pattaya, Chonburi 20150 Thailand.

Tickets cost 500 Thai baht for foreign adults and 300 Thai baht for foreign children.

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