Phuket Fantasea Thailand  Show
'The Glitz And Glamor Of Las Vegas'

The Phuket Fantasea Thailand Show provides a cultural journey for the entire family which will take them back into Thailand's past through the medium of dance and story telling but on a grand scale.  This is the biggest and most extravagant show anywhere on Phuket and showcases ancient Thai traditions and customs by utilizing hundreds of performers along with exotic animals such as tigers and elephants.  The entire stage production is enhanced by the use of cutting-edge special effects and a massive 40 metre wide stage.  I first saw this show back in 2005 and absolutely loved it.


This award winning stage show which rivals the glitz and glamor and scale of a Las Vegas production takes place at the 140 acre Phuket Fantasea theme park located near the northern end of Kamala Beach.  This complex which opened back in 1998 has it all from a large palace of the elephants building, shops, carnival games, a 4,000 seat restaurant which serves authentic Thai and international cuisine, a photo studio and of course elephant rides.  As the show takes place in the evening most people tend to combine dinner at the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant with the show (see image below).

While speaking of the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant, it is said to be one of the largest in southeast Asia and is serviced by no fewer than 6 bars and 200 waiters. I would highly recommend treating yourself to their buffet dinner before the show.  


The duration of the Phuket Fantasea Thailand show is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes and the performance highlights both song and dance from the six regions of Thailand which are woven into a story regarding the Kingdom of Kamala.  There is spectacular lighting, dazzling costumes, fireworks, acrobats, and trained elephants and other animals including chickens running across the stage which when combined on such a grand scale leave the audience in awe and amazement.


The Phuket Fantasea Thailand show is located at the northern end of Kamala Beach or approximately 35 kilometres south of Phuket International Airport and 20 minutes from the popular Patong Beach.  The Phuket Fantasea Show occurs daily (except Thursdays) and the complex opens at 5 PM and closes at 11.30 PM. Dinner is served between 6 PM and 9 PM.  The gate to the show opens 30 minutes before the show starts and there are two shows daily.  The first show is 7 PM and the second show is at 9 PM.  The cost of the show is 1,500 Thai baht for adults and children.  Dinner is approximately 400 Thai baht extra per person for adults and 200 Thai baht for children.   For a fee you can also be picked up from your hotel.

The best way to travel to Phuket is by plane or bus.  Flights from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Phuket's International Airport occur daily with a number of local airlines servicing the island including Nok Air, Air Asia and Thai Airways.

Being an international airport direct flights are available to Phuket  from a number of countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan to name a few.   There are an abundance of taxi's and mini-vans located outside the Phuket airport to transport you to your hotel.   

Buses to Phuket depart Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal daily with the journey taking approximately 13 hours.

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