Siam Niramit Show Bangkok
'An Epic Stage Production' 

The Siam Niramit Show in Bangkok Thailand is an epic stage production that incorporates elaborate sets and over 150 performers.  With stunning choreography and state of the art special effects this production takes the audience along a cultural journey regarding the birth of Thai civilization. 

Everything about this production is on a grand scale including the massive stage itself is approximately 12 metres high and stretches across the entire width of the theater.   This show is a must see attraction for anyone interested in learning more about Thailand culture and history

The performance itself is a cultural feast for the senses as it recounts over 700 years of history regarding the Kingdom of Siam.  Bangkok is a city which has become renowned for it's large scale stage productions and the Siam Niramit show builds upon this long tradition.


The show is performed within the massive Ratchada Theater which is located within the Siam Niramit complex. This theater has seating for over 2,000 people and shows are held daily at 8 PM. 

As the complex also has a restaurant, many visitors choose to combine dinner by visiting the Sawasdee Restaurant (which is also located within the complex).  A buffet dinner is available daily between the hours of 5.30 PM and 8 PM.

Outside of the main Siam Niramit building, is a small traditional Thai village which has been recreated to demonstrate traditional Thai houses and showcase former Thai lifeways (see image below).

Hence, visitors can walk through this museum styled village and get a sense what life would have been like in Thailand during years gone by.  You can also see Thai handicrafts being made and there  are even souvenirs for sale so you have a memento of your visit.


However, it is the stage show which brings people here.  Siam Niramit is a 90 minute cultural extravaganza which takes the audience through an almost fairytale experience during as three separate acts of story telling are played out.  Throughout the show several performers  hang down suspended from the ceiling while others with the aid of props, lighting and music recount the creation of an early Siam civilization (i.e. the Lanna Kingdom). 

These three acts include: Thailand's spiritual discovery (i.e. Buddhist heaven), Karma, and Thai festivals and religious ceremonies and how Thai people gain merit in this life.

I saw the show almost 2 years ago and absolutely loved it and this is a great activity for those people who are not interested in the more stereo typical Bangkok nightlife of late night bars and pubs.  


The Siam Niramit complex is located in central Bangkok opposite the Thailand Cultural Centre at 19 Tiamruammit Road. You can travel to the theater using the Bangkok MRT (i.e. subway train) and exit at the Thailand Cultural Centre Station.

For convenience a free shuttle bus leaves the Thailand Cultural Centre Metro Station every 15 minutes taking visitors to Siam Niramit between the hours of 6 PM and 7.45 PM.

Gates are open from 5.30 PM to allow access to the Sawasdee Restaurant.

Tickets range between 1,500-2,000 Thai baht per person which includes dinner and the show.

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