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Thai recipes are sought out everywhere in the world today.  Anyone who has sampled Thai cuisine will undoubtedly be seeking to find authentic Thai recipes. Thai cuisine is world famous due to its spicy taste, which is based upon the use of fresh ingredients and is rich in vegetables and herbs but virtually fat free, making it one of the world's healthiest foods.


Thai recipes are built around rice which is Thailand's staple food (with archaeological evidence suggesting use in Thailand dating back to around 1300 A.D. ) and Thais believe that it possesses sacred life giving energy known as 'Kwan'.  Thai dishes are usually seasoned with traditional fish sauce or various kinds of chilli along with garlic, coriander, lime juice, and coconut milk.

Combined with other common Thai ingredients including fish, pork, and chicken, the exotic dishes that are cooked from these ingredients (including both red and green curries) can only be described as delectable to the senses, and primarily those relating to the taste buds.

A Thai meal often consists of soup, a curry dish, salad and various sauces.  Dessert is usually fruit, exquisitely carved into works of art for the table.  The usual drinks are water, fruit juices and beer. 


Of course the styles of cookery vary from region to region within Thailand.  Northern Thai cuisine features fresh water fish, hot spiced salads of green papaya and all sorts of vegetables.  Curries here are definitely milder than in the south, where the Laotian influence is unmistakable. 

The central region of Thailand have made the international reputation of the Thai cuisine.  Here rice is served steamed.  Fish and meat are seasoned with garlic, black pepper, coriander, ginger and lemon grass.  

In southern Thailand, the cooking incorporates coconut; its mild milk makes soups and curries less hot.  Seafood such as saltwater fish, prawns, lobster and shellish are big here.  The Indian and Indonesian influences are strong in the south of Thailand.  Many visitors not only enjoy Thai cuisine but take away tasty and healthy eating habits when they leave.

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