Victory Monument Bangkok Thailand

The Victory Monument Bangkok, is one of the most notable landmarks in Thailand, having been constructed back in 1941 to commemorate a Thai victory during the Franco-Thai War (which began in 1940 and ended in 1941).

The monument (which is located within the Ratchathewi district) is circular in shape and is defined by a 20 metre high European styled obelisk, which towers proudly above the surrounding landscape. Guarding the obelisk are several statues representing Thai soldiers who fought in the conflict.  These statues have been cast in various poses, and they seemingly gaze out from the monument from a ten metre high platform (see image below).  

While this site is far less impressive than say Bangkok's Grand Palace  it is still worth viewing if you are interested in visiting one of Thailand's culturally significant attractions.  

Today though, Victory Monument (which includes a neat and well kept garden), is situated right in the middle of one of Bangkok's busiest traffic roundabouts.  With thousands of cars buses and motorbikes circling the monument every hour of the day, be prepared to cross a major intersection if you want to get up close to this less recognised Bangkok attraction. 

Indeed, this traffic intersection also happens to be the location of a major Bangkok bus stop and taxi pick-up site while the monument is also flanked by the Victory Monument BTS Skytrain Station (see image below) which provides easy access to the attraction (see Bangkok Transport page for more information). 

The BTS Skytrain platform and covered pedestrian walkway are located high above the surrounding buildings and provide an excellent viewpoint for visitors to see Victory Monument Bangkok and of course to take some pictures (see image below) to remember the visit.  

In my opinion the walkway actually provides the best vantage point because, not only do you get a better view than at ground level but you also escape breathing in much of the exhaust fumes that are a consequence of the large volume of motor vehicles which also frequent this district.     

Another tip is that if possible, visit the monument at night time because apart from the temperature being much cooler, this is when the monument really looks at its best (i.e. being lit under Bangkok's glittering lights-see image below).     

Apart from the Victory Monument, Ratchathewi district is actually a popular shopping area especially for Thai women.  It includes a large Century Plaza Mall (which has a movie theatre) along with a number of smaller retail outlets.  These are located between soi 3 to soi 9 or close to the Victory Monument BTS Skytrain Station.

In addition, there is a 4 level Fashion Mall (see image below) which has numerous clothing and accessory stores located inside. Prices here are Thai prices meaning that wedding dresses (i.e. made in China) will sell from the smaller retailers for as little as $80-$100.


The Victory Monument Bangkok is located in the Ratchathewi district and is conveniently located adjacent to the Victory Monument BTS Skytrain Station which is on the Sukhumvit line.  

This is a well known site so if you mention Victory Monument to most taxi drivers they will have little problem getting you there.  You can visit this site day or night and there is no admission charge. 

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